The Story Behind Visionoir.

Get To Know The Minds Behind The Magic.


Visionoir is a prestigious image consultancy, born to provide high quality branding/production to the masses without costing an arm and a leg. Coming from a place of requiring constant media production, we were thrown back by the exorbitant rates that the industry currently demands from it's customers. We understand that high production is every person's desire, and in fact we believe every person deserves it. After exhausting our research for an affordable option, we decided to provide our own.


Nazareth Black  

Founder and Lead of Visionoir

I'm an image consultant and lead photographer based in Auckland set to change the future of photography and branding. Throughout my life, I've had a special sense of seeing what wouldn't be obvious. Seeing details in things and people that they or others did not identify themselves. Being in the photography industry for over 5 years, I was always into capturing the best moments of life so my passions and my senses blossomed a harmonious relationship.


My mission is to create a platform where I can promote the beautiful attributes of people and allow them to envision in themselves; something new.


Meghna Black  

Marketing and Client Relations of Visionoir

I love art and am passionate about creativity. My passion also extends to business and entrepreneurship—and that’s what brings me here today: creative thinking for startups and small businesses. It’s true: there is art in business and creative thinking can help anyone build a better company. That means getting started on your creative journey as soon as possible so you can start making more of those connections between creative thought and productivity.

Building a strong relationship between Visionoir and it's clients are a top priority for me. I love to make sure they receive the best of what we have to offer.