• Nazareth Black

8 Tips for Great Posing

Whether you’re an aspiring model or someone who just wants to look great in pictures, knowing how to pose can make all the difference. Not only does it help you make the most of your frame and show off your best features, but it also helps you feel more comfortable in front of the camera, which will make you more relaxed and natural in photos. Even if you’re already comfortable on camera, there are always new things to learn, so here are 8 tips that can help you pose great!

1. Base Exercise

No matter how successful you are, if you're in it for a purely financial reason, it's important to ask yourself: Is that enough? In other words, will I be happy if my future is profitable but doesn't make an impact on society or culture? Will I still feel fulfilled knowing I'm working for money and not a cause? Don't get me wrong—money isn't bad. But wealth without meaning will never fulfill you in life. Don't start a business just because you want to be rich. Start one because it's something you feel so passionate about that money can't even be considered. Passion makes everything easier—including building your image.

2. Practice Poses

Professional portrait photographers like Nazareth Black and Nick Knight say that practicing your poses ahead of time is key to having great portraits taken. Pretend you’re in front of a camera; experiment with different ways to stand, move, and gesture. Have some fun! The more comfortable you are when someone else is taking your picture, the more fun and natural it will feel when it happens during an actual shoot. And if they can make you look amazing, all of those hours spent posing for yourself will pay off.

There’s no substitute for practice. If you want to become a great model, you have to be willing to put in a lot of time at it. It might take years before you can pull off some of your favorite poses with ease and confidence, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something you can do right now to improve your modeling skills. Modeling is a skill like any other – learn how-to videos are a good place to start practicing. These will give you an idea of what good posing looks like, as well as some ideas about where you might improve.

3. Wear Appropriate Clothing

The best way to avoid looking awkward in photos is to wear appropriate clothing. Clothing that is too loose will make you look wider, while clothing that is too tight will not flatter your body shape at all. Always wear comfortable clothes that accentuate your best features, rather than anything that might take away from them. If you're not sure what types of clothing are best for certain occasions, talk to an Image Consultant before deciding on an outfit—even if it's just over text or email. Or if you need some guidance but don't know who to talk to, it might be worth consulting Google Images or Pinterest (or even searching Instagram) for ideas; many women post pictures of outfits they love along with tips and recommendations on how others can achieve their look.

4. Avoid Moving Around Too Much

When you’re in front of a camera, never walk around too much. You may end up bumping into your photographer or someone else in your shot. They may also ask you to re-do that pose because they didn’t get what they needed out of it. It is important to remain still until your photographer gives you further instructions on how to move. They will tell you when it is okay to stop being stationary and start moving around again. If they don’t say anything, keep being still!

5. Focus on Hand Placement

If you want your photo to be perfect, it is important to pay attention to where your face is in relation to other parts of your body. If you hold a straight pose with a neutral expression, there should be about one-third of your face visible from above and two-thirds visible from below. Learn how to properly position your face by imagining a target in front of you that shows where parts of your body will line up. For example, if you have a hand raised in a victory sign, then its thumb should be just over an eye's brow bone when looking at it from directly overhead.

6. Face Positioning

A lot of people think it's just about smiling, but there are three key components to posing your face correctly, says Nazareth. First, tilt your head slightly upward so that you're looking at the camera through your brow line. Then, try not to lift or drop any cheekbones—instead, let them relax. Lastly, stick out your tongue just a little bit and press against it with your lips—this will help you avoid fish lips. Nazareth warns against scrunching up your nose or grimacing because it can make you look less approachable in pictures. You don't want to be too distracting because now people are focusing on what you're doing with your face instead of noticing what a great body you have! she explains.

Face Tilt

I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but keeping your eyes down (in a confident, not submissive way) can help make your body look leaner. This seems counterintuitive to what we see in photos—after all, doesn’t having eyes looking up make you look taller? But think about how models pose with their bodies—if they were standing straight up, their faces would be much closer to the camera. Since they aren’t trying to communicate height or size, their eyes don’t need to be angled skyward. So instead of looking at everything except your camera lens, look just over it.

Chin Up

Most amateur models have a tendency to drop their chins when they pose. This bad habit leads to lackluster photos because it doesn’t highlight your facial features, but instead can cause you to look angry or sad. Get a mirror so you can get used to seeing yourself from different angles.

Position Eyes Down

An easy way to feel confident and sexy is to angle your eyes down. Bring your chin down slightly and keep your gaze at a downward angle rather than looking straight ahead. If you're posing with someone else, try having them look up at you. This will make both of you appear more confident and sexier.

7. Take Lots of Selfies

Taking selfies is a great way to practice different poses and angles. Plus, they'll make you more comfortable in front of a camera. Practice smiling from different angles, make silly faces or look away from your phone and at your photographer. Selfies are a fun way to learn about yourself and how others see you, too! If you're going out on a shoot with a professional photographer, ask them what their favorite selfie poses are. You may even find that some of their poses can translate into other photos that you take!\

8. Smile!

You don’t have to grin from ear to ear, but a genuine smile will catch people’s attention and can light up a photo. Smiling also makes you feel good. If it comes naturally, great! If not, just forcing a tiny little bit of joviality into your facial expression can go a long way. In an industry that relies on outward confidence and self-belief (because you’re selling something every single day), practicing your smile in front of a mirror or even talking yourself through it can be hugely beneficial—not only to making other people like you more (because let’s face it: smiling makes other people like us more), but also because it helps increase your own level of confidence and that leads to better posing.

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