• Nazareth Black

What You Need to Know about Gaining Followers on Instagram

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably always dreamed of having thousands of Instagram followers and an impressive following on other social media sites, too. However, when you create an account on these sites and don’t see the numbers grow right away, it can be easy to think that this will never happen to you and that social media is simply not worth your time and effort. Fortunately, there are many things you can do in order to get more Instagram followers and more engagement on your posts; below are some tips that will help with just that!

1. Set Up an Authentic Profile

First, set up an authentic profile by uploading a picture that truly represents who you are and what you want your brand to be. Don’t use a photo of a model or a well-known public figure. Make sure your bio is filled out and includes details about your field of work, education, location, and interests. If you’re worried people will view your profile as too salesy or that it won’t accurately reflect your brand, don’t worry—you can add in links to any social media accounts you have. For example, if you run a travel account but also have a Twitter handle for professional purposes, make sure they both appear in your bio! That way people viewing your page know exactly where else they can follow you on social media. Also make sure to upload a variety of images from different angles, times of day, and locations whenever possible.

2. Create Engaging Titles and Captions

If you want people to comment, like, and share your posts, then you need captions that are short and attention-grabbing. The same is true for title tags. They should be short enough that users don’t get turned off by them but still enticing enough that they click through to read more. For best results, use no more than 10 words in your caption or 20 words in your title tag. Take a look at some of your most successful posts and see what’s working with these metrics. Then, replicate it as often as possible!

By getting your fans invested early, you can drive them to continue commenting and sharing over time. This ensures that your content stays relevant so that people will continue to come back for more—which ultimately translates into new followers. Remember: Just because someone saw one of your photos doesn’t mean they'll come back to check out more later down the line; make sure each post leaves fans wanting to know more.

3. Have Consistent Post Frequency

To gain followers, you need to have a consistent posting frequency. Posting consistently shows that your page is active and engaged. If your page is new, you can post a little more frequently so people know it’s still around and coming soon. However, if you have been active for a while, posting once or twice a day is enough to keep people interested in what’s going on with your brand or business. Remember that consistency will be key as it signals trustworthiness and increases engagement.

It also makes your followers feel heard. It allows them to see their opinions are being taken into consideration by showing they are being listened to through frequent interactions with your account. Most importantly, remember that consistency doesn’t mean spamming others—make sure each of your posts has some value whether it's links, photos, videos etc...Every single one should be well thought out because otherwise why would anyone want to click? Of course, don't give up after only one or two failed attempts because eventually you'll find out what works best for you! And never forget: consistency breeds commitment (to your account) and growth (in follower numbers).

4. Tag Brands Intelligently

Hashtags can be a great way to gain followers and drive attention towards your business; however, using them incorrectly could also turn people away. Make sure that any hashtag you’re considering is clear and concise. For example, if you own a bakery, #Cupcakes or #EatLocal might work as tags for posts featuring those goods but hashtags like #PastryKingdom will only confuse followers and hurt your brand. If you’re unsure about how to properly use a certain hashtag on Instagram then research it first before investing too much into it or creating something off-brand just because it has a higher search volume than what you were thinking of using at first. Your audience shouldn’t have to dig through hundreds of thousands of unrelated images in order to find yours!

Don't forget that every time you tag a brand without their permission, they risk losing visibility in searches. Before beginning your campaign, ask each company if they allow free advertising on Instagram. Not every business wants their products featured by you without compensation. Therefore, make sure to talk with one another prior to utilizing any kind of tagging strategy so there are no hard feelings later down the road!

5. Use Hashtags Incorrectly

A great way to grow your following is to tag your posts with relevant hashtags. By tagging your content with popular hashtags, you’ll be able to reach a broader audience. And if you tag with relevant, trending hashtags, you’ll have a better chance of catching someone’s attention. But there are some rules when it comes to using hashtags—they may seem like they apply only in social media, but they can actually help you out in other ways as well. For example, by keeping track of hashtag trends in your industry or niche, you might find something that catches your eye and offers an opportunity for collaboration. The secret here is to use them sparingly and correctly! Avoid trendy tags that don’t really fit what you’re posting—after all, people want to see authentic photos from real people. If you must use several hashtags in one post or an unrelated set of hashtags altogether (#me #amazing #mycat), place them at the end rather than starting off with them.

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