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Neha Khan - Visionoir-17_result.jpg


Neha Khan

Auckland, New Zealand

"The overall experience from beginning to end was absolutely exceptional! I felt very comfortable and was able to be myself the whole time. I thought I would be very nervous, but I enjoyed my time thoroughly. I am by no means a model, but I sure was made to feel like one! Thank you for the incredible photos, they came out gorgeous. I would highly recommend Visionoir to anyone who is looking for some beautiful portrait shots, or even just a small session to boost their self esteem"

- Neha Khan

Rick Karsten - Visionoir-9_result.jpg


Rick Karsten

Auckland, New Zealand

"Thank you kindly for the outdoor photoshoot Visionoir. Don’t look any further! Visionoir is a company who can assist with promoting brands, assisting with creating a professional portfolio. All the photos were great, Nazareth Black is very professional and has a great eye for detail. The photoshoot was seamless and I was made to feel special with all the compliments received by Nazareth Black, his passion is what delivered the great photos for my portfolio.

Thanks again for your time and I know you will make many clients happy with the work that you deliver!"

- Rick Karsten


Founder of Autosalon

Rizvi Buksh

Auckland, New Zealand

"When we opened our new Paint Protection/ Detailing Business (Autosalon) we decided to use Visionoir for all our marketing, website, logos, cert design, social media set up and etc. The service that the team at Visionoir provided us was honestly extraordinary and unprecedented. From the quality of work, to the fact that Nazareth actually takes his time to sit down and listen to your vision so he can execute your vision to perfection. And yes perfection is what I would describe it as. Visionoir really made things so easy for us and it was a very smooth and stress less transition. Their customer service is nothing short of amazing and they don't overcomplicate things. Visionoir's work has given our business a very unique look by helping us stand out in the market from all our competitors. We were extremely pleased working with Visionoir and we are definitely going to use them going forward for all our marketing needs. I highly recommended Visionoir and with that I can say that Visionoir is one of the best at what they do."

- Rizvi Buksh | Founder of Autosalon New Zealand



Romano Costello

Auckland, New Zealand

“Like anything worth pursuing in life, there are always huge upfront investments involved with no instant return, which for some, including myself can feel a little defeating at first. As an artist, you always want to produce the best quality content to get the most engaging response from your audience. However, creating content including music, videos, photos, logos, etc. all takes time, effort and money, and sometimes you don’t even get it right the first time, or the second, or the third for that matter. The team at Visionoir provides you with more than just a service, but a vision. They take the time to understand you holistically as an artist to help you achieve your goals. Director Nazareth Black has a very natural, creative process which helps the artist to push their own boundaries and produce true greatness. He is capable of seeing your potential and works to capture this in the best light. I have had two videos done with this great company, and another one in the pipeline ready for release in November. Many thanks to the team for their continuous support, mentorship and creativity. I look forward to working with you again in the future."

- Romano Costello



Avish Sharma

Auckland, New Zealand

"It was a pleasure working with Visionoir on an outdoor photoshoot. Great bunch of guys with a good sense of photography. They were very professional and went the extra mile to deliver more than what they had promised in terms of shooting time, edits etc. Really happy with the photos, will definitely be working with them again for the next project!"

- Avish Sharma

Meghna Black - Visionoir-13_result.jpg


Meghna Black

Auckland, New Zealand

"Photographs are a way of capturing the important moments forever and working with Nazareth was exactly that. Having my first photoshoot done by Visionoir was a thrill. The shoot was handled very professionally and made sure that I felt comfortable in my own skin while having fun. He helped me express my creative side which I thought wasn't there. Seeing the vision he had through through the camera was beautiful and put me to ease that his work was as phenomenal as told. Given any environment or no matter how small the space, he has no limits to make the clients dreams and visions come to life. Very pleased to have worked with such a creative mind who can see envision his clients capabilities. Looking at the results from the shoot, I am already planning the next event that Visionoir can help capture. I would highly recommend Nazareth for any occasion to make it even more of a special moment."


- Meghna Black



Azaya Sunglasses

Auckland, New Zealand

"We developed a great partnership with Visionoir and there dedication to our website is evident in all aspects of the site. We appreciate there attention to detail and creative approach to bringing our new products to life online."

- Shafs Ali | Founder of Azaya